Breakout Women

Breakout Women by Rebel Brown

Rebel Brown is a dear friend of the Executive Girlfriends Group.  She has been a guest on our radio show multiple times and has been a guest at our conference.

Influential Leader - Using the Technology of our Minds

Defy Gravity

She is launching a new course series known as Breakout Women.

The first course launches for registration this coming Sunday afternoon at 3pm PT.  It closes registration on Saturday March 26th at midnight.

Why We Lose Our Power, and How to Get It Back

This video shares insights about why we lose our confidence, and a few techniques to keep our confidence in overdrive!

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How to Silence Your Scary Voices

Tired of all those voices telling you that you can’t? Here are a few tips for silencing those voices, forever!

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The Power is All in Your Mind

Your mind has power you never dreamed of. Until now. Modern science is discovering that most of what we’ve been taught about our minds is, well, inaccurate at best. The great news is that we now know how to shift our minds.

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You Deserve More

More power, more confidence, more focus, more success… just plain more. In your career and your life. You can have more. The power is all in your mind. Modern mind science has proven that you have the power. Are you ready to use it?

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