Looking for some new perspective and a network of peers where you can talk about the things that matter to you?

You are in the right place.

You are multi-dimensional.

So are we.

The Executive Girlfriends’ Group (also known as EGG) is a by invitation only nationwide women’s network, designed by executive women for executive women.

We cater to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as those in transition from those roles.  We also have a program for young women who aspire to an executive role.

Friendship is core to who we are and our goal is to demonstrate the power of friendship in every aspect of our lives.  We know that you are not only an executive, but you are wife, mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, artist, traveler, chef, chauffeur and perhaps a want-to-be author or musician.

On any given weekend you might be burning the midnight oil on a big client project, running a marathon or stealing away some time with girlfriends at a spa or enjoying quiet time catching up on that stack of books that you want to read.

We interview authors and experts on our weekly show and talk about leadership, innovation, growth, entrepreneurialism, life balance, giving back and “Plan B” for your career.  We have over 100 authors that are members of EGG and as a member, you have direct access to them through our private, group on Facebook.

By joining the Executive Girlfriend’s Group, you can also join our weekly calls and listen live to the interviews and then interact with the authors and experts.

If you want to learn more about us before you join, there are several shows that you can listen to commercial free that will give you a good flavor of our content.  Just click on the show that you want to listen to.

Once you join, you will listen to the shows on the Game Changer Network site.

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